8 best commercial real estate marketing ideas

According to the market experts, 2017 will be a prosperous year for commercial real estate sector. As more and more MNCs and foreign investors come to the country to set up their operations, there will be an increased demand for office space and other commercial properties. However, demand does not guarantee sales. You also need to know how to market your property to get the best return on investment. So, if you are an owner of an industrial land in Gurgaon or a shop in Mumbai, it is essential that you promote your property in the best possible way. Here are some marketing ideas for commercial real estate according to the experts at property.sulekha.com.

  1. Online marketing

A plethora of marketing strategies are available for property owners to establish an online presence in a highly competitive market.  Some of these include digital brochures, websites, email campaigns, social media, cost-per-click based campaigns, media placements in online magazines and journals, online press release, and guest blogging.

  1. Offline marketing

Offline marketing is important for generating leads and referrals. Marketing materials like brochures and flyers, display and window signage, networking events, brand awareness through print media, direct mail, etc. are some of the successful marketing strategies that a commercial property owner can employ to promote business.

  1. Offers and deals

Attractive packages and incentives to lure prospective buyers are universally employed by property owners. Tax incentives, free or discounted maintenance for a period, pre-built office spaces, etc. are offered by builders and developers to the investors and tenants.

  1. Seasonal sales

Holiday seasons are the best opportunities to market commercial properties as most Indians choose religious holidays as auspicious times to start a business or buy property. Seasonal marketing targeting specific audience can be more effective than general advertising.

  1. Market specific promotion

If you have a particular kind of commercial property, target only those customers who actually need it rather than addressing a wider audience. This ensures that the marketing efforts are noticed by the right audience. It also reduces the marketing expenses.

  1. Build relationships

Interacting with other property owners and realtors is an important aspect of marketing. Maintain professional and personal relationships with prospective buyers, real estate agents, and other builders and developers. This will help in generating leads and getting referrals.

  1. Local partnerships

Partner with other businesses in your area that are frequented by potential clients. This is an excellent way to create brand awareness. For example, you can sponsor some materials for their business with the logo of your company imprinted on the products you supply.

  1. Publicize previous sales

One of the easiest ways to make clients take notice of your property is to promote one of your recent deals with a trusted client. This creates an element of reliability and transparency that attracts buyers.




7 Most affordable housing projects in Bangalore

The growing population base in Bangalore has given rise to the need for low cost housing that even the lower income segment of the society can afford. A number of builders cater to the low budget housing needs of the customers in the city. So, if you are planning to buy affordable house in Bangalore, here are the top seven budget builders you can consider according to Sulekha Properties.



  1. VBHC

Value and Budget Housing Corporation is a leading player in the budget housing segment in Bangalore. The most advanced technology and design methods are used to create innovative projects. Currently they have two projects under construction in Bangalore. Palmhaven-2 located near the Bangalore-Mysore State Highway is a township project offering 1&2 BHK homes with all modern amenities. Serene Town near Whitefield offers 2&3 BHK apartments with top-end facilities for a great price.

  1. Shriram Properties

With a widespread presence in South India, Shriram Properties has relentlessly delivered world-class housing solutions for affordable prices. Their projects provide high standards of living with minimal cost. Buyers looking for low budget residential options can choose from their ongoing or upcoming projects under Rs. 50 lakh in Bangalore.

  1. Esteem Group

A major presence in the budget housing sector, the Esteem Group has delivered homes and apartments that meet the requirements of the low budget buyers. Modern contemporary villas and apartments are available for absolutely affordable prices in various locations in Bangalore. They have a number of ongoing, upcoming, and completed projects that offer the best living experience to the home buyers.

  1. Skylark Mansions

Skylark Mansions makes sure that each of their projects is free of any litigation and that all paperwork is in place before handing over the property to the customer. Eco friendly living spaces are created with resource optimization and quality in construction. Their ongoing projects include 1-3 BHK apartments and penthouses in Bangalore.

  1. Sterling Developers

A pioneer in budget residential projects, Sterling Developers provides fine living spaces with the most modern facilities and amenities. They have a number of economy projects to cater to the growing need for affordable housing in Bangalore

  1. Maithri Developers

High quality construction is provided for a low cost by this builder. Their projects have a wide range of leisure and sports facilities and require minimal maintenance cost. Home loan assistance, interior installation and properties at premium locations are some of their additional services.

  1. Jain Housing

A long time player in the affordable housing market, Jain Housing provides elevated standard of living for a low price.

How to make profit investing in Land

An investment in real estate is considered a safe bet by a majority of Indians. Whether it is a small plot or a 2 BHK apartment or a commercial space, there are many ways in which a real estate property can be made into a profitable investment. While a residential property can be sold or rented out to make an income as there is more demand for such properties, investing in land requires more caution. There are many pitfalls that an investor needs to avoid while buying a land as investment according to Sulekha Properties.

Purpose and type of land

In what type of land you want to make the investment depends greatly on what you want to do with the land. You may want to buy a raw land, develop it, and sell it for a profit. Or, you may be looking for an industrial land that you can rent or lease. Unless you have a clear idea of how the land is going to be profitable, there is no point in investing it. Finding the best use for the land is important. For example, you may see an advertisement for land for sale in Pune. You need to know what the prospects are if you invest in that property and whether it can bring a profit with the intended use.


As important as the purpose of land is the place where it is located. The location of the property must be beneficial for high returns from the land. A lot of property buyers make the mistake of buying land at the wrong place and then struggle to get rid of it, even for a loss. For instance, an investor buying a plot in a business centre to develop into a residential facility will have difficulties in finding takers. People prefer to live in residential areas rather than in busy commercial zones. Hence, it is essential to select the location based on the purpose of the land.


Another consideration while choosing the location of the land is the availability of infrastructure and general amenities. Whether the land is to be used for commercial or residential purpose, it is important that it has access to transport, communication, power, water, and other facilities. If the area you have chosen lags behind in these parameters, at least make sure that there is scope for growth in the future. Otherwise, you will be making a dead investment.