4 Tricks to get high profit in Land

Real estate properties are one of the most popular investment options in India. Most of the investors usually focus on residential units or office spaces which promise a return on investment on a regular basis. Resale prospects for a better rate are also an attraction for many property investors. Flats and other built-up properties are ideal for short-term investors as these can be sold when prices rise. However, if you are looking for a long term investment option that yields better profits, landed property is the ultimate choice. Land is the basic resource on which all other forms of real estate depend. However, it is not sufficient that you buy a plot and look for ways to earn income from it. There are some factors that add value to the landed property say experts at Sulekha Properties. Here are 4 tricks that you can consider while investing in a land.


  1. Buy early

Buying early when the price is low is the key to making high profit from landed property. Builders and developers are always in need for land resource for their projects. When the availability of land in an area decreases, they will move to other locations that show promise of development. Identifying such areas and buying land at a very early stage when the prices are low is crucial to making a good return from the land. With the arrival of roads, educational institutions, shopping complexes and other facilities, the real estate prices in an area will go up. Those who have bought land at an early stage can then sell it for a better rate.

  1. Size matters

Those who are looking forward to making a profit from land must invest in plots that can support large development projects. Builders and developers are interested in sizeable land where they can start their residential or commercial projects. So, if you are looking for land for sale in Bangalore or Mumbai or any other big city or emerging locations, make sure that the land is large enough so that you can sell it for a profit to builders and developers.

  1. Leasing

Leasing of land for various purposes is another option land owners can consider. Farmlands have great demand as more and more people and groups are into organic farming these days. Arable land can be leased to individuals and organisations involved in agricultural activities. Industrial leasing also ensures profit from the property.

  1. Add utilities

Run utilities like electricity and water to your landed property to improve its value. Buyers are more interested in properties that already have utility connections are willing to pay more for such plots.