Is Haralur Road turning to a prosperous realty hub?

Haralur Road is located off Sarjapur Road in Bangalore, which is the most popular location for real estate investment right now. There are many IT companies in Bangalore due to which the demand for real estate properties is always high. There is a huge number of migrant population in Bangalore because many companies have their corporate offices here. Many prefer Bangalore because it offers various amenities and has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Haralur Road is an upcoming locality which is slowly turning into a realty hub as it is near Electronic city and so, many flats in Haralur Road are coming to cater to the needs of the people.

In the past few years, Sarjapur Road has been the hotspot for buying homes by people of middle-income group. It had many ups and downs in property prices in recent years but still many prefer to live here. The reason for this is that the Road is nearby the IT hubs in ORR, Electronic City and Whitefield of Bangalore. The employees working in these localities generally prefer to live in Sarjapur Road as it has easy access to the companies located nearby.

But in recent times, Haralur Road is getting popular for residential projects because the Sarjapur Road is almost saturated and there are many civic and traffic problems. The internal Roads are in bad condition, water supply is less and there is a lot of traffic congestion in Sarjapur Road. All these reasons have made the Haralur Road, which is off Sarjapur Road, an important place for investing and living here. Haralur Road is very close to Electronic City which makes it popular among the employees working there.

The other areas such as Whitefield, ORR and Electronic City, those techies prefer to live have become saturated and have led them to look for other localities. They usually prefer to choose those localities that have easy access to the IT clusters and have proper amenities. This has made the Haralur Road an ideal destination for residential projects. More number of housing projects in Bangalore is developed in the Haralur Road and surrounding areas like Sarjapur Road and Gunjur.

There are many flats in Haralur Road that are either completed or the construction is going on. People have many options to choose from and they can select the property according to their needs, budget and accessibility to their offices. Mostly, apartments in the range of INR 35L- 80L are preferred by the people, due to which they are sold very quickly. There are many apartments in Haralur Road that are in this price range and thus turning into a realty hub.


As the city is developing very quickly in all the directions, Haralur Road is emerging as an important destination and slowly becoming a prosperous realty hub due to its proximity to the IT hubs in nearby localities. Due to the large parcels of land available here, the flats in Haralur Road are generally cheaper compared to other localities and it will only increase as the time passes as it is emerging as a favourite destination for the people.