Is it wise to invest in Panvel now?

Panvel is an upcoming real estate location in the South side of Navi Mumbai and also also considering the current property investment scenario of the city, the outskirts areas of the city are being sought after by the city residents or those migrating to city in search of jobs. They attach outskirts with everyday convenience and look for options like ready to move apartments for sale in Panvel, for example, so that modern facilities and amenities are accessible to them as soon as they shift base from the heart of the city to somewhere close to their office.

The fact that this locality is close to the Navi Mumbai at a distance of about 4 km, still makes it one of the hot residential property investments in India. However, in the recent time, there are many other flourishing residential locations close to the NICE Road, those plying on the length of the same corridor. So, the home buyer is likely to evaluate all the options more closely. But naturally, the closer you move to the IT area, the more expensive it becomes. It may still be viable to invest in a ready to move apartments for sale in Panvel than its counterparts.


There are many more reasons to invest here. Firstly, leading IT companies are at a short distance from the area like the Hiranandani Business Park, Given it’s IT glean; it is sure to see a rise in demand in the next 5 years. Panvel is already making news for rise in occupancy with software professionals from the city and investing for a permanent residency here.

With the area getting connected to the metro rail network and NH-7 and Nh-4 close by, Panvel is likely to witness a huge rise in the property rates. The time is indeed right to invest in a property here. The area has already seen a rise in the rental price, hovering between 20,000- 30,000 per month for a 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartment sizes and the society facilities. The social infrastructure of the area is fully fleshed out now and continuously developing. It is one of the prime reasons for the growth of the residential occupancy here because Panvel has many educational institutions in the vicinity, which means there is a rising demand from the students who wish to stay on rent. For everyday needs, the area offers easy access for the residents to local bazaars, and has reputed hospitals too.


5 things you need to know before investing in Chennai Real Estate

Chennai is one city that is constantly buzzing with activity. With the influx of businesses coming in to the city, the prices for real estate also is increasing. There is a lot of activity in the real estate sector. If you are looking to invest in a home in Anna Nagar or Residential Plots in ECR, here are a few pointers to know:

  1. Get a good legal person:

While investing in a good area in Chennai, it is important that one gets a good legal team to go through most of the documents. He will be required to go through all the legal documents and ensure that there are no discrepancies.

The authenticity of your documents in Chennai is important as there have been issues with them in the past which have led to contracts being cancelled and money being lost.

  1. Type of home:

It is important that you get to know the type of home that you are moving into. There are different types of homes that are available in Chennai and they mainly come under ready –to – occupy and pre-launch homes.

The advantage that you will get with a ready-to-occupy home is that you can immediately occupy them while a pre-launch home can help in ensuring that you get better prices. Do your research on the market and figure out the best time to invest in a home.


  1. Location:

If you’re purchasing a home or Residential Plots in ECR make sure that you are aware of the scope of location. If you are looking for a long term investment, try to get flats in the outer sectors of OMR or Poonamallee as these are good places to invest in.

Location is important because Chennai is constantly expanding and if you are able to find a good flat now, it will mature for sure over the next few years, allowing you to have a good resale value if required.

  1. Builder reputation:

It is always safer to go for a tried and tested builder even if it costs a little extra. This is because if you end up putting your faith in a builder who is still not established, there are chances that his project may be cancelled or delayed.

Most of the popular builders like Purvanakara, Sobha or Raheja have a good reputation so don’t hesitate to invest if they have any projects in good areas.

  1. Features and loans:

Before finally delving into the Chennai real estate, make sure that the complex being built has the exact features as mentioned in their website. Sometimes, builders can scam and not really provide all of the amenities. Also, enquire whether there are home loans available that are affiliated to the builder.

By taking a home loan, you can purchase your home and repay the money within a few years and this allows the process to be so much smoother.

A guide for first time real estate investors

Real estate business has created a significant number of the world’s affluent individuals, so there are a lot of motivations to believe that property is a sound venture. Whatever it may be, similar to any speculation, it’s ideal to be knowledgeable about the opportunities and problems before making a plunge. Real estate investment is not like the stock market, here you have to deal in lakhs and crores. Arm yourself with the most relevant and up-to-date data before beginning your investment in real estate. In case you are looking forward to buying some Apartments in Talegaon for the purpose of investment then go through the following checklist and ensure safety and security for your investment.

Checklist before investing in real estate

Look for Builders and Dealers

The builder community is the one who owns a maximum number of cheap apartments in Talegaon hence make sure to purchase through them. They can provide you with lots of options and they can help you to accomplish a good deal. So, whatever your wish villa, apartment, or independent house, always look for the most authentic builders in Talegaon.


Apply your brain before investing

Don’t try to reside on the others “brain” always. They may misguide you or provide you backdated information. So, if you are really interested in staying and profiting from this market for a long time, then develop you own skill in real estate.

Avoid properties under dispute

Check the papers of a property before investing in it. Lots of first time investors are cheated due to their ignorance. After checking, if any doubt arises clear that doubt at the very first instant. It may happen that the entire amount is spoilt due to any dispute and you may have to take legal help to clear the hurdles.

Don’t buy a flat which requires a huge remodeling expense

Buying a low budget flat in Talegaon is easy and alluring, but always assess the remodeling jobs and related cost before investing. If it becomes really high, then the low budget does not remain low any more. If the investment is in such an area where the apartments are available at the lower rates then it may be a spoil of money for you. So, at first assess the valuation of the area then decide to a low budget or any house that requires remodeling.

Do consider amenities

This days basic and extended amenities are counted first. If your investment comes with 24/7 electricity backup, water supply, and security, you will get a good return within a short span of time. If you get some modern luxury amenities like part, perking, community center, temple, and retail stores within the housing complex, that will surely fetch good dividend within 4-5 years’ time period.

Always remember you are buying the flat to invest, hence you will also look forward to some returns from your investments. Go for a flat which cost you less than the market rates and with some innovation can reap you higher returns.