Is it wise to invest in Panvel now?

Panvel is an upcoming real estate location in the South side of Navi Mumbai and also also considering the current property investment scenario of the city, the outskirts areas of the city are being sought after by the city residents or those migrating to city in search of jobs. They attach outskirts with everyday convenience and look for options like ready to move apartments for sale in Panvel, for example, so that modern facilities and amenities are accessible to them as soon as they shift base from the heart of the city to somewhere close to their office.

The fact that this locality is close to the Navi Mumbai at a distance of about 4 km, still makes it one of the hot residential property investments in India. However, in the recent time, there are many other flourishing residential locations close to the NICE Road, those plying on the length of the same corridor. So, the home buyer is likely to evaluate all the options more closely. But naturally, the closer you move to the IT area, the more expensive it becomes. It may still be viable to invest in a ready to move apartments for sale in Panvel than its counterparts.


There are many more reasons to invest here. Firstly, leading IT companies are at a short distance from the area like the Hiranandani Business Park, Given it’s IT glean; it is sure to see a rise in demand in the next 5 years. Panvel is already making news for rise in occupancy with software professionals from the city and investing for a permanent residency here.

With the area getting connected to the metro rail network and NH-7 and Nh-4 close by, Panvel is likely to witness a huge rise in the property rates. The time is indeed right to invest in a property here. The area has already seen a rise in the rental price, hovering between 20,000- 30,000 per month for a 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartment sizes and the society facilities. The social infrastructure of the area is fully fleshed out now and continuously developing. It is one of the prime reasons for the growth of the residential occupancy here because Panvel has many educational institutions in the vicinity, which means there is a rising demand from the students who wish to stay on rent. For everyday needs, the area offers easy access for the residents to local bazaars, and has reputed hospitals too.


5 things you need to know before investing in Chennai Real Estate

Chennai is one city that is constantly buzzing with activity. With the influx of businesses coming in to the city, the prices for real estate also is increasing. There is a lot of activity in the real estate sector. If you are looking to invest in a home in Anna Nagar or Residential Plots in ECR, here are a few pointers to know:

  1. Get a good legal person:

While investing in a good area in Chennai, it is important that one gets a good legal team to go through most of the documents. He will be required to go through all the legal documents and ensure that there are no discrepancies.

The authenticity of your documents in Chennai is important as there have been issues with them in the past which have led to contracts being cancelled and money being lost.

  1. Type of home:

It is important that you get to know the type of home that you are moving into. There are different types of homes that are available in Chennai and they mainly come under ready –to – occupy and pre-launch homes.

The advantage that you will get with a ready-to-occupy home is that you can immediately occupy them while a pre-launch home can help in ensuring that you get better prices. Do your research on the market and figure out the best time to invest in a home.


  1. Location:

If you’re purchasing a home or Residential Plots in ECR make sure that you are aware of the scope of location. If you are looking for a long term investment, try to get flats in the outer sectors of OMR or Poonamallee as these are good places to invest in.

Location is important because Chennai is constantly expanding and if you are able to find a good flat now, it will mature for sure over the next few years, allowing you to have a good resale value if required.

  1. Builder reputation:

It is always safer to go for a tried and tested builder even if it costs a little extra. This is because if you end up putting your faith in a builder who is still not established, there are chances that his project may be cancelled or delayed.

Most of the popular builders like Purvanakara, Sobha or Raheja have a good reputation so don’t hesitate to invest if they have any projects in good areas.

  1. Features and loans:

Before finally delving into the Chennai real estate, make sure that the complex being built has the exact features as mentioned in their website. Sometimes, builders can scam and not really provide all of the amenities. Also, enquire whether there are home loans available that are affiliated to the builder.

By taking a home loan, you can purchase your home and repay the money within a few years and this allows the process to be so much smoother.

A guide for first time real estate investors

Real estate business has created a significant number of the world’s affluent individuals, so there are a lot of motivations to believe that property is a sound venture. Whatever it may be, similar to any speculation, it’s ideal to be knowledgeable about the opportunities and problems before making a plunge. Real estate investment is not like the stock market, here you have to deal in lakhs and crores. Arm yourself with the most relevant and up-to-date data before beginning your investment in real estate. In case you are looking forward to buying some Apartments in Talegaon for the purpose of investment then go through the following checklist and ensure safety and security for your investment.

Checklist before investing in real estate

Look for Builders and Dealers

The builder community is the one who owns a maximum number of cheap apartments in Talegaon hence make sure to purchase through them. They can provide you with lots of options and they can help you to accomplish a good deal. So, whatever your wish villa, apartment, or independent house, always look for the most authentic builders in Talegaon.


Apply your brain before investing

Don’t try to reside on the others “brain” always. They may misguide you or provide you backdated information. So, if you are really interested in staying and profiting from this market for a long time, then develop you own skill in real estate.

Avoid properties under dispute

Check the papers of a property before investing in it. Lots of first time investors are cheated due to their ignorance. After checking, if any doubt arises clear that doubt at the very first instant. It may happen that the entire amount is spoilt due to any dispute and you may have to take legal help to clear the hurdles.

Don’t buy a flat which requires a huge remodeling expense

Buying a low budget flat in Talegaon is easy and alluring, but always assess the remodeling jobs and related cost before investing. If it becomes really high, then the low budget does not remain low any more. If the investment is in such an area where the apartments are available at the lower rates then it may be a spoil of money for you. So, at first assess the valuation of the area then decide to a low budget or any house that requires remodeling.

Do consider amenities

This days basic and extended amenities are counted first. If your investment comes with 24/7 electricity backup, water supply, and security, you will get a good return within a short span of time. If you get some modern luxury amenities like part, perking, community center, temple, and retail stores within the housing complex, that will surely fetch good dividend within 4-5 years’ time period.

Always remember you are buying the flat to invest, hence you will also look forward to some returns from your investments. Go for a flat which cost you less than the market rates and with some innovation can reap you higher returns.

5 benefits of buying ready possession flats

Bangalore has one of the fast growing real estate markets in India. As more and more IT and other companies set up base in the city, there is an increasing demand for commercial as well as residential properties. The substantial growth in job opportunities results in an expanding employee base and migrating job seekers. They all require affordable and easily available housing units closer to their work places. Most of the home seekers prefer ready to occupy flats in Bangalore rather than invest in under construction projects. Here are the top 5 benefits of buying ready to move flats in Bangalore.

  1. No need to wait for end of construction

One of the major advantages of a ready to move apartment is that there are no construction delays. Usually in an under construction project, the buyer pays the money and wait indefinitely for the project to be completed. Delays occur due to reasons like land disputes, denial of permissions and licences, cash crunch, non-availability of materials, price hike, etc. Even when the project is completed after the stipulated period, some of the promised amenities are never delivered. In a lot of cases, the flat owners are still waiting for the covered car park or the swimming pool that the builder had highlighted in the project brochure. A ready to move flat poses no such issues to the buyer as the property is ready to purchase at any time.


  1. Immediate possession

When you buy ready possession flats in Bangalore, you get the property once you pay the price. In the case of under construction projects, a series of steps need to be completed before you can own the property, and it takes a lot of time as well for the project to be completed. Ready to move in flats provide the flexibility to buy when you want. For a person with ready to dispose funds, a ready possession flat is the ideal choice.

  1. You get what you see

Under construction properties often fail to deliver the features, facilities, and utilities shown in the brochures and projections. The final product may be different from the plan given to the customers. When you buy a ready to move property, you are getting what is already there, and this makes it easier for the buyer to evaluate the features. Construction quality can be checked before purchase.

  1. Financial benefits

Ready to occupy properties save big on rental and travel charges as the buyer can possess the property immediately after purchase. Another financial benefit is the savings in interest rates on home loans. In the case of under construction projects, tax benefits are reduced if the project is not completed within the stipulated time.

  1. Prior knowledge about the neighbourhood

When it is a ready to move in flat, you already know who your neighbours are. You have a clear idea about what kind of people live in the same building, what their professions and economic conditions are, what kind of communities and groups they interact with, etc. You can also verify the facilities in the location of the project, the social and physical infrastructure available in the area, ease of access, and many other factors that affect the quality of life.

5 Best real estate options to move soon to Bangalore

Bangalore is an attractive city to live in especially for the huge IT workforce, who now seeks refuge in outer peripheries away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Bangalore is one place where the property demand has been out rightly negative post the demonetization wave. On the contrary, it has seen a positive growth in the recent time even though the growth has been somewhat slow. The evident growth was led by few areas of the city and some of these localities are expected to continue the positive growth trend going ahead too.

Bannerghatta Road: is one of the most sought after locality for city dwellers. The area along the lines of Begur Road has good connectivity with the Electronic City. Investment by software professionals is the strong highlight of the locality and this young workforce is either investing in a permanent home or renting a property to stay close to the office area. The residential locality has good rental returns and people are investing in 2 and 3 BHK flats for permanent residency.

Electronic City: people working in the Electronic City prefer to stay close to their workplace. The rental (rate of return) is around 4 per cent in this locality. Naturally, as you move closer to your office space the cost of buying a home escalates and Electronic City is no exception. The area is near the Central Silk Board and its proximity to the expressway also makes it a very desirable location to invest. It is 2 BHK apartments which are selling excessively in the area as people to continue searching for budgeted options.


Sarjapur Road:  Sarjapur Road and HSR Layout together command a huge demand from the permanent residency seekers. It is an upcoming residential area and perhaps the most active in context of new project launches. The under-construction properties are a major draw of the locality and reflect positively upon the growth of residential demand in the close time ahead. The outcome in the near future is expected to be positive and strong.

Thanisandra Yelahanka: it features as one of the most preferred locations in terms of consumer demand. The locality boasts of settled infrastructure and easy connectivity. The fact that it is close to the airport adds a lot of crux for pilots and airline staff to buy or rent a property here. The locality has a decent demand for luxury units in terms of permanent investment and renting a house here.

Horamavu: sites in Horamavu excel in providing excellence of living as some of the projects in Horamavu are very well equipped with modern facilities and amenities. The whole area is spick and span, safe and the fact that it is in close proximity of the Bangalore’s industrial centers, makes it even more attractive. The new projects in Horamavu promise a positive outlook as the locality continues to enjoy good connectivity with the complete city through the Ring-Road and its vast street network.


6 Factors affecting Bangalore real estate in 2017

Whenever you plan to invest in a property anywhere in the country, you do count in many factors before you make any decision. Though off-late a slump in the real-estate was seen and expected to haunt the Bangalore real estate along with the economy in the year 2017. Here is a list of top 6 factors, which are haunting the Bangalore real estate;

  1. Demonetization;

After the declaration of demonetization, in November 2016, a drastic change in the real estate was noticed. The sale plummeted remarkably. Though the evil spirit of this ghost still haunts the real-estate market and had affected the market of new projects in Bangalore. People are willing to buy flats and want to even invest in the new construction in Bangalore, though it becomes really hard for them to pay the down payment as a slump had come in the market because of demonetization and banning of the notes. The government is too strict in cash transactions.


  1. Security of Females;

The latest molestation case in Bangalore had been in highlight for many days. People do show their rage towards the security in a city which was considered to be the safest city for women at some time. Today the time had changed, so as the safety, hence this factor is haunting and forcing people to make a distance in investing in the various sites in Bangalore.

  1. The upcoming of sub-standard projects;

You have been saving real hard, to get yourself the top project in Bangalore, and finally, you found out that you have invested your hard-earned money in a sub-standard project. This doubt had been created by builders who had either been using the lower grade raw material or coming up with add-on cost to be paid by the buyer disclosed at a later stage of the deal.

   4. Un-approved Project’s Market becoming Strong;

A term called Pre-Approved is used without any second thought. Though nothing like the same exist in the real-estate market. Builders are using this term to sell the new projects in Bangalore and the end results come to buying an unapproved project in hand. Such bad experiences are restricting people to invest in the under construction projects in Bangalore.

  1. The Broker’s fees becoming Big;

A person is already paying a good amount of down payment, and on top of it, the broker’s fees are becoming big with every passing day. This is actually restricting people to invest in the projects in Bangalore, as no one wants to pay a commission of over a lakh on a project of 30 lakh to the broker.

  1. Under Construction Projects in the Northern Bangalore;

Deconstruction projects in some major areas in Northern Bangalore are really haunting the real estate industry in Bangalore. Some of these projects are a standstill for years and several clients are claiming back their invested amounts. People don’t mind going for buying property nearby Bangalore, as there are better-planned projects with a comparatively less price.

If you want to know more about project details visit Sulekha Properties.


Is Haralur Road turning to a prosperous realty hub?

Haralur Road is located off Sarjapur Road in Bangalore, which is the most popular location for real estate investment right now. There are many IT companies in Bangalore due to which the demand for real estate properties is always high. There is a huge number of migrant population in Bangalore because many companies have their corporate offices here. Many prefer Bangalore because it offers various amenities and has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Haralur Road is an upcoming locality which is slowly turning into a realty hub as it is near Electronic city and so, many flats in Haralur Road are coming to cater to the needs of the people.

In the past few years, Sarjapur Road has been the hotspot for buying homes by people of middle-income group. It had many ups and downs in property prices in recent years but still many prefer to live here. The reason for this is that the Road is nearby the IT hubs in ORR, Electronic City and Whitefield of Bangalore. The employees working in these localities generally prefer to live in Sarjapur Road as it has easy access to the companies located nearby.

But in recent times, Haralur Road is getting popular for residential projects because the Sarjapur Road is almost saturated and there are many civic and traffic problems. The internal Roads are in bad condition, water supply is less and there is a lot of traffic congestion in Sarjapur Road. All these reasons have made the Haralur Road, which is off Sarjapur Road, an important place for investing and living here. Haralur Road is very close to Electronic City which makes it popular among the employees working there.

The other areas such as Whitefield, ORR and Electronic City, those techies prefer to live have become saturated and have led them to look for other localities. They usually prefer to choose those localities that have easy access to the IT clusters and have proper amenities. This has made the Haralur Road an ideal destination for residential projects. More number of housing projects in Bangalore is developed in the Haralur Road and surrounding areas like Sarjapur Road and Gunjur.

There are many flats in Haralur Road that are either completed or the construction is going on. People have many options to choose from and they can select the property according to their needs, budget and accessibility to their offices. Mostly, apartments in the range of INR 35L- 80L are preferred by the people, due to which they are sold very quickly. There are many apartments in Haralur Road that are in this price range and thus turning into a realty hub.


As the city is developing very quickly in all the directions, Haralur Road is emerging as an important destination and slowly becoming a prosperous realty hub due to its proximity to the IT hubs in nearby localities. Due to the large parcels of land available here, the flats in Haralur Road are generally cheaper compared to other localities and it will only increase as the time passes as it is emerging as a favourite destination for the people.

How to register your property in Bangalore

Investment in property requires a cautious approach. An important part of the procedure to follow (while buying a property) is its registration. It is good to be aware of the registration process in great detail and accuracy.

For example, if you are investing in new projects in Koramangala, it is the Department of Stamps & Registration of the Karnataka Government, which will handle the complete document registration process. The same authority will issue you the certificate of registration too.


We discuss steps to be followed focusing on factors like when, why, how, and a checklist required for registration of the property.

When should you apply for registration of the property?

At the time of transfer of ownership of an immovable property, you need to apply for registering the property documents with the concerned authority. The scope of transfer of ownership rights includes gift deed of immovable property, lease, transfer of property in consideration, besides buying and selling contract of the property. In other words, if you are investing in one of the existing projects in Koramangala, you will need to register the document.

Is there a time limit for registering the property? 

Why you need to register the property is for legal validation in owner’s name. Therefore, it is important to register the documents immediately, so that you are the legally recognised owner of the property at the earliest.


Officially, you have a window of four months from the date when you sign the property papers. You have an option to register it after four months too, but with a penalty. The penalty amount is hefty, more than 10 times the registration fee to be paid. However, this extension window (of another four months) is subject to permission of the District Registrar. After eight months there is no further scope.

Procedure for registering the property

You are required to publish the exact value of the property on a stamp paper. You can buy it from licensed stamp vendor shops. Make sure the paper carries details of the vendor like address, signature, along with a treasury seal.

You can apply for registration in the sub-registrar office in the district location of the property purchased.

Charges while filing for property registration 

You need to pay the stamp duty at time of registration. There is also a registration fee attached. The usual rate of stamp duty is 5% of the total value of the property plus taxes. Registration fee is 1%. 


You need to have the following documents in order for verification purposes:

  • Original property papers
  • Building plan approval
  • Proof of seller acquisition of the property
  • Encumbrance certificate of the property
  • Proof of no litigation on the property
  • NOC from revenue offices and municipal authorities
  • Proof of validation of the property as per Public Policy under section 22 A of the registration act of 1908
  • Proof of government permission on land on which the property is constructed

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Apartments or plots, which are better for investor’s?

Real estate investment offers a lot of choice now. It is not easy to choose between an apartment and a plot. What makes for a better investment option? Multiple points have to be considered to arrive at the best decision. Because both options have merits and de-merits of investment. It depends upon you personal requirement, budget, as well as time and effort. We explain these points below.

Advantages of buying an apartment

It is far convenient to buy an apartment. You have a ready choice. It means you don’t require hiring an architect. You will not be required to take legal permissions or liaison with local bodies to build a home. There is no need to haggle with contractors. Your project developer will take care of different requirements. You will only be presented with a perfect home of your choice.

The administration part of it will also be taken care of. You don’t have to worry about electricity or water supply connection, maintenance, security, or added facilities. In the nutshell, you are presented a ready package, which includes most of the things you want as a part of your lifestyle.

Advantages of buying a plot

Plot is a vacant piece of land. It means you have an option to build a home as per your exact requirement. You can design it the way you like. Another benefit is you can supervise the whole construction process. In other words, you can oversee the use of material used in building the house and also oversee any changes required, during the course of construction.

A major plus is ready possession. Plots are usually ready for possession. You will get the plot ownership before the flats are ready.


Comparative analysis

Your investment in a plot is likely to fetch you better returns. One reason is you have control over the input cost of building a home. Also, a single house construction will cost less than building the complete structure. A project developer is expected to cover the high cost of construction of apartments from home buyers only.

If the market situation is skewed towards the seller then, plot owners are expected to get better profits. The value of plots rise faster than apartments costs. It is often we come across a situation, in which, the price of apartments become stagnant. Remember, you have already purchased the property at a high cost, so the profit margin is not high if you decide to sell it.

If you choose to buy a plot, you won’t have the comfort of having a ready to move in place, which an apartment offers.

Whatever your final decision is, it is good to search on the internet to do a quick comparison. If you key in plots in Sarjapur, your screen will show multiple options, giving you the exact rate of constructing a home on the land. The area of the plot is also clearly mentioned to visualize your new home.

4 Tricks to get high profit in Land

Real estate properties are one of the most popular investment options in India. Most of the investors usually focus on residential units or office spaces which promise a return on investment on a regular basis. Resale prospects for a better rate are also an attraction for many property investors. Flats and other built-up properties are ideal for short-term investors as these can be sold when prices rise. However, if you are looking for a long term investment option that yields better profits, landed property is the ultimate choice. Land is the basic resource on which all other forms of real estate depend. However, it is not sufficient that you buy a plot and look for ways to earn income from it. There are some factors that add value to the landed property say experts at Sulekha Properties. Here are 4 tricks that you can consider while investing in a land.


  1. Buy early

Buying early when the price is low is the key to making high profit from landed property. Builders and developers are always in need for land resource for their projects. When the availability of land in an area decreases, they will move to other locations that show promise of development. Identifying such areas and buying land at a very early stage when the prices are low is crucial to making a good return from the land. With the arrival of roads, educational institutions, shopping complexes and other facilities, the real estate prices in an area will go up. Those who have bought land at an early stage can then sell it for a better rate.

  1. Size matters

Those who are looking forward to making a profit from land must invest in plots that can support large development projects. Builders and developers are interested in sizeable land where they can start their residential or commercial projects. So, if you are looking for land for sale in Bangalore or Mumbai or any other big city or emerging locations, make sure that the land is large enough so that you can sell it for a profit to builders and developers.

  1. Leasing

Leasing of land for various purposes is another option land owners can consider. Farmlands have great demand as more and more people and groups are into organic farming these days. Arable land can be leased to individuals and organisations involved in agricultural activities. Industrial leasing also ensures profit from the property.

  1. Add utilities

Run utilities like electricity and water to your landed property to improve its value. Buyers are more interested in properties that already have utility connections are willing to pay more for such plots.