Apartments or plots, which are better for investor’s?

Real estate investment offers a lot of choice now. It is not easy to choose between an apartment and a plot. What makes for a better investment option? Multiple points have to be considered to arrive at the best decision. Because both options have merits and de-merits of investment. It depends upon you personal requirement, budget, as well as time and effort. We explain these points below.

Advantages of buying an apartment

It is far convenient to buy an apartment. You have a ready choice. It means you don’t require hiring an architect. You will not be required to take legal permissions or liaison with local bodies to build a home. There is no need to haggle with contractors. Your project developer will take care of different requirements. You will only be presented with a perfect home of your choice.

The administration part of it will also be taken care of. You don’t have to worry about electricity or water supply connection, maintenance, security, or added facilities. In the nutshell, you are presented a ready package, which includes most of the things you want as a part of your lifestyle.

Advantages of buying a plot

Plot is a vacant piece of land. It means you have an option to build a home as per your exact requirement. You can design it the way you like. Another benefit is you can supervise the whole construction process. In other words, you can oversee the use of material used in building the house and also oversee any changes required, during the course of construction.

A major plus is ready possession. Plots are usually ready for possession. You will get the plot ownership before the flats are ready.


Comparative analysis

Your investment in a plot is likely to fetch you better returns. One reason is you have control over the input cost of building a home. Also, a single house construction will cost less than building the complete structure. A project developer is expected to cover the high cost of construction of apartments from home buyers only.

If the market situation is skewed towards the seller then, plot owners are expected to get better profits. The value of plots rise faster than apartments costs. It is often we come across a situation, in which, the price of apartments become stagnant. Remember, you have already purchased the property at a high cost, so the profit margin is not high if you decide to sell it.

If you choose to buy a plot, you won’t have the comfort of having a ready to move in place, which an apartment offers.

Whatever your final decision is, it is good to search on the internet to do a quick comparison. If you key in plots in Sarjapur, your screen will show multiple options, giving you the exact rate of constructing a home on the land. The area of the plot is also clearly mentioned to visualize your new home.


Lowest price of Industrial land for sale in Pune

Pune is vibrant with real estate actions and the city is extending its borders to accommodate new commercial, residential and industrial areas. Pune, recognized as Maharashtra’s ace city, is endorsing rise in new business actions like the IT, ITES industry and BPO sector.

The prime areas of the city like, Hinjewadi, Deccan Gymkhana, Koregaon Park and Model Colony command the maximum real estate values in the city. Hence, property searchers have choice to apartments, land and find flats in new areas like the Kalyani Nagar, Camp, Shivaji Nagar, FC Road, Wakdewadi, Nagar Road and JM Road. The area enjoys closeness to the railway station and airport and is also close to the luxurious market residential areas of Koregaon Park and Kalyani Nagar. These are the areas, which offer accessibility of land; the most serious factor funding to the real estate costs. If you are looking out to find industrial land in Pune, it has become very easy today with sites like

Commercial real estate in Pune

Commercial properties at the western part of Pune are active with real estate activities. Approximately all the big IT companies of India have released their software development services in the area. International IT is also seeking for commercial property in the area quite destructively.

The positive completion of every project not only proven Pune among the most sought after sites for technology majors but also catalyzed the profitable real estate development in the city. Find industrial land in Pune and start the business is now becoming a trend.


Residential real estate in Pune

As per the industry assessments, Pune would want as many as 40,000 residential properties each year to meet its housing necessities.

To hold the same, the Maharashtra government has now given support to private real estate designers for inaugurating fully combined townships in Pune, under the Public Private Participation (PPP) model.

Pune is still taken as a protected substitute for interest in private realty, and has pleased in a consistent year-on-year thankfulness rate. Mainly for the individuals who are different to high hazard assumptions, property in Pune is a grand alternative! It is to a great amount considered a ‘mid-portion’ arcade, and up and coming actions in Pune like townships are in unbelievable interest.

The city with its booming economy offers wonderful employment opportunities and success of Finance industry IT and Banking and further generates the financial setting of the city. Several hundred people set up their housing base in Pune and look for belongings in accordance of their needs. Find industrial land in Pune and stay there is one of the main reasons of the population of Pune.

8 best commercial real estate marketing ideas

According to the market experts, 2017 will be a prosperous year for commercial real estate sector. As more and more MNCs and foreign investors come to the country to set up their operations, there will be an increased demand for office space and other commercial properties. However, demand does not guarantee sales. You also need to know how to market your property to get the best return on investment. So, if you are an owner of an industrial land in Gurgaon or a shop in Mumbai, it is essential that you promote your property in the best possible way. Here are some marketing ideas for commercial real estate according to the experts at

  1. Online marketing

A plethora of marketing strategies are available for property owners to establish an online presence in a highly competitive market.  Some of these include digital brochures, websites, email campaigns, social media, cost-per-click based campaigns, media placements in online magazines and journals, online press release, and guest blogging.

  1. Offline marketing

Offline marketing is important for generating leads and referrals. Marketing materials like brochures and flyers, display and window signage, networking events, brand awareness through print media, direct mail, etc. are some of the successful marketing strategies that a commercial property owner can employ to promote business.

  1. Offers and deals

Attractive packages and incentives to lure prospective buyers are universally employed by property owners. Tax incentives, free or discounted maintenance for a period, pre-built office spaces, etc. are offered by builders and developers to the investors and tenants.

  1. Seasonal sales

Holiday seasons are the best opportunities to market commercial properties as most Indians choose religious holidays as auspicious times to start a business or buy property. Seasonal marketing targeting specific audience can be more effective than general advertising.

  1. Market specific promotion

If you have a particular kind of commercial property, target only those customers who actually need it rather than addressing a wider audience. This ensures that the marketing efforts are noticed by the right audience. It also reduces the marketing expenses.

  1. Build relationships

Interacting with other property owners and realtors is an important aspect of marketing. Maintain professional and personal relationships with prospective buyers, real estate agents, and other builders and developers. This will help in generating leads and getting referrals.

  1. Local partnerships

Partner with other businesses in your area that are frequented by potential clients. This is an excellent way to create brand awareness. For example, you can sponsor some materials for their business with the logo of your company imprinted on the products you supply.

  1. Publicize previous sales

One of the easiest ways to make clients take notice of your property is to promote one of your recent deals with a trusted client. This creates an element of reliability and transparency that attracts buyers.